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Fitness Knee Support - Knee Brace

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*Please note - single unit sold, if you would like a pair of 2, please order x2.


Support your Knees and Walk with Pride

Legs being the supporting system of our body, are the most vulnerable parts to get affected. Knee injuries, sprains, and knee pains are the common physical ailments people suffer from, regardless of their age. Elastic Knee brace supports are the ultimate tool to overcome this trouble. 

Give Support to Your Knees – These braces fit snugly the knees providing the required support to muscles and ligaments. It supports soft tissues by offering compression to the knees.

Provide Warmth and Speed up Recovery – It increases blood circulation to knees by retaining heat that further escalates the healing process of the knees.

Prevent Injuries, Exercise Vigorously – It enables you to exercise vigorously without fearing for the injuries. 


*Provide sufficient compression and support for the knee and patella joint, reduce concentrated pressure on the knee joint during heavy work and strenuous exercise, effectively relieve pain in the knee joints, acl, mcl, arthritis, tension, sprain, meniscus tear, etc., is the best choice for sports protection and pain recovery.


*Innovative design, the curve on both sides of the knee pad is ergonomically designed for comfort support. The center of the patella has an open design, allowing the knee pad to fit perfectly with the knee joint. Update the defects of similar products, well-designed two v-shaped adjustable pressure belts, not easy to slide, can adjust the tension according to your choice, feel the most suitable support for you, fix the knee pressure, very comfortable and not bulky


*The lightweight and breathable knee pads are made of high quality polyester fiber, which is skin friendly and has strong elastic recovery. The unique mesh design is breathable and sudorf-wicking, allowing the skin to breathe freely and preventing any unpleasant skin conditions. Keeps knees dry and prevents odors even with prolonged use. Provides body comfort and support during use. Provide the highest quality wearing pleasure


*The sponge pad is sewn on both sides of the patella, enveloping the knee in a soft, elastic and rounded way, reducing the damage to the knee caused by self and external impact, avoiding displacement of the patella and increasing the stability of the knee joint.

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Fitness Knee Support - Knee Brace
Fitness Knee Support - Knee Brace Sale price$15.00 Regular price$25.00